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Our email signatures are our digital business cards. Just as business cards follow a consistent format, so too should our email signatures. This presents a visually coherent and on-brand message to those we communicate with.

To this end, please use the form below to create your email signature, then copy and paste the signature into the relevant part of your email client.

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{{signature.title}} {{signature.KnownName}} {{signature.FamilyName}} {{signature.Qual}} ({{signature.Pronouns}})
| {{signature.JobTitleM}}

University of Otago – Ōtākou Whakaihu Waka
| {{signature.DeptM}}
{{signature.Building}}, {{signature.StreetAddress}}, {{signature.City}}, {{signature.Country}}
Postal: {{signature.PostalAddress}}, {{signature.PostalCity}}, {{signature.PostalPostCode}}

T: +64 {{signature.LandlineAC}} {{signature.Landline1}} {{signature.Landline2}}        
M: +64 {{signature.MobileAC}} {{signature.Mobile1}} {{signature.Mobile2}}
E: {{signature.Email}}
W: {{signature.Website}}
Hours of work: {{signature.Hours}}
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